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Nowadays, companies of all industries and calibers face responsibilities and problems of an environmental nature. On the one hand, this is because the adverse effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident in our lives. An increasing part of society is beginning to see environmental protection as its personal responsibility and to strive to build a greener and healthier planet.

Types of consulting services in the field of ecology

On the other hand, we must add to this the effects of increased industrialization and digitalization in modern societies. They highlighted the catastrophic effects of poor toxic waste management, as well as the careless use of limited natural resources.

Against this background, different governments are building increasingly complex and comprehensive regulations for nature protection. Different types of financial benefits and incentive packages are also offered for those who apply environmentally friendly practices.

Monetary and other types of sanctions are imposed, a prescription is issued for taking measures when necessary. All this aims to control the impact of the various activities on local ecosystems and to minimize their possible negative impact.


Large pollutants – the focus of eco-regulators

Types of consulting services in the field of ecology

In this context of heightened sensitivity on the part of the authorities, as well as of the public, on environmental risks, the popularity of business consultations related to environmental protection and development of strategies for sustainable development is growing. Extremely close monitoring by the authorities of businesses engaged in high environmental risk activities – these are those that produce harmful carbon emissions, operating in sectors such as transport, energy, factories, hazardous materials. These sectors can benefit significantly, if they take proactive action in this direction. offers a variety of consulting services in the field of ecology. Our goal is to facilitate the work of the company in its obligation to limit the negative impact of its activities on the world around it. The services are divided into areas concerning waste and water management, the preparation of various measures for prevention and promotion of environmental responsibility, safe transport of dangerous goods by road, as well as legal cases related to ecology.


Waste Management

Any industrial activity generates waste whose mismanagement can have fatal consequences for the local ecosystem and biodiversity if not treated properly. Today we are all witnessing how non-degradable plastic products are found in the most remote corners of the planet and how their decay has irreparable effects on the health of the planet for hundreds of years.

That is why countries around the world have introduced a number of regulations to reduce the harmful effects and potential damage caused by landfilling or disposal of waste. In the direction of waste, services include advice on the legal framework for the management of specific types of waste, the necessary documents and requirements for carrying out the activity, reporting and others.


Preservation of water purity

Types of consulting services in the field of ecology

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources, guaranteeing the well-being of a society. Improper exploitation of this indispensable and limited resource in a number of sectors, including industrial production and agriculture, can lead to its scarcity and pollution

This in turn would be detrimental to local ecosystems and public health. As the activities related to the use of water resources or sites are subject to a special permit regime according to the Water Act, Ecosubscription can provide explanatory services on the regulatory requirements that must be followed for the safe and sustainable use of water resources. lead.


Preparation of EIA

Each investment intention is required to pass a environmental impact assessment (EIA) to assess and prevent potential damage from its implementation. Due to the responsibility to make such an assessment, an organization must early assess not only what environmental consequences the implementation of its project would have, but also how its implementation is feasible and profitable. In the direction of preventive activities consultations are offered on the implementation of investment plans, amendments to the existing activity, as well as any necessary information and documents for the implementation of a new project.

With the growing popularity of environmental management, which saves unnecessary costs and project delays, the applicability of consulting services in the field of environmental responsibility also increases. The prior identification of environmental risks and the implementation of an organizational model promoting sustainable development today can ensure the success of an enterprise and its place in the future. Ecosubscription offers explanatory consultations on the environmental laws and standards affecting us, the rights and obligations of the operators, as well as procedures for selection and implementation of preventive and curative measures.


The hazardous waste challenge

Types of consulting services in the field of ecology

Cargo and the transport of certain goods containing dangerous substances can pose a risk to human health and safety and the well-being of the environment (toxic chemical waste) and various types of property (eg corrosive and flammable). For this reason, the European Agreement on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, unspoken ADR, requires any undertaking transporting goods through inland waterways or by land and rail to have a safety consultant. Services in this direction are offered for dangerous goods ADR of classes:

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  • 2
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  • 2
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  • 9

Legal advice in the field of ecology

In the event of established environmental violations, an organization would also need legal assistance to contribute to the successful resolution of its environmental case. The service in legal cases, related to the implementation of projects, includes the preparation of objections to received acts for establishing administrative violations, appeals against penal decrees and penal acts, interpretation of normative texts on the specific case and others. Our expert advice will help you overcome any challenges.

Hiring an external consultant has numerous advantages before a company can assume all obligations and responsibilities related to compliance with regulations for environmental protection. Our environmental professionals already have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals more efficiently and with fewer headaches.

Instead of wasting time training employees on the necessary regulations or taking risks with activities, without specifying the ambiguities about its environmental footprint, with the help of a consultant, your company will be able to focus on its core business activities, as well as on the growth of your business.

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