About us

EkoAbonament EOOD was founded in 2015.

We are motivated experts with many years of experience.

We offer qualified services in the field of ecology.

Our team has been consulting and successfully implementing projects for large, medium and small enterprises and individuals in the field of ecology for years.

We go into detail in the specific features and requirements of the clients in order to achieve the desired effect for developing, changing or achieving a specific goal.

We work responsibly and correctly, striving to create such relationships with our customers that they recommend us to their partners or acquaintances.

The customers who trust us on a daily basis are from different economic sectors.

Some of our customers face the problem of generating waste, and the need arises to manage it by complying with the requirements of the environmental regulations.

Other clients realize different business ventures that are related to the use or extraction of natural resources.

We all know that the earth has limited resources and their use puts increasing pressure on our natural environment, leading to global warming, environmental pollution and degradation and reduction of ecosystems and biodiversity.

In order to reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with the use of resources in the economy, we must make efforts to preserve them.

In this regard, we offer sustainable solutions in modern environmental cases and problems, which on the one hand comply with the legal framework of the Republic of Bulgaria and on the other hand are economically advantageous for the company implementing them.


Ilona Stoykova

Manager of EKO ABONAMENT EOOD, Sofia


The company’s objects of activity include advisory services in the field of environmental management, elaboration and preparation of comprehensive documentation of plans, programmes, projects and investment proposals, preparation of an application and participation in all stages of the procedure for issuing a permit for waste activities, conducting consultations with the competent authorities, consultations on conducting and documenting own monitoring.

Holder of a MA degree in Law from Sofia University “St. KlimentOhridski”.

Project Management Course – International Project Management Association, Austria together with WIFI, Bulgaria.

I have many years of experience in the field of normative work – I have developed draft regulations, including transposing EU acts into national law. I have prepared legal analyses and opinions on Bulgarian legislation and on international treaties. I have participated in public procurement committees, including under operational programmes Regional Development and Administrative Capacity.

My professional experience starts from the state administration – I have been head of the Legal Act Department, the Legal Directorate at the Ministry of Economy – and continues in the private sector. I have extensive experience in the field of corporate governance and have been on the governing bodies of private and state-owned companies and funds in the field of industry, energy and waste management.

I have been awarded for high professionalism in the state administration and by contractors.

Lyubomir Grancharov

Ecology expert


Expert on Waste component and Water component and their environmental impact. EIA expert, environmental assessments, safety consultant for the transport of dangerous goods by road.

Mechanical Engineer, Master in “Technique and Technologies for Environmental Protection” – “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse

Courses and trainings:

– Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC). European Union project.

– Improving access to information and public participation in environmental decision-making organised by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe.

– Biophotoremediation of water and soils contaminated with persistent pollutants, organized by the Kingston Royal Military College Environmental Research Centre.

– Certificate No. 2571 for a safety consultant in the carriage of dangerous goods by road of classes 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 8 and 9.

– Training to work with ArcGis software product.

– Training on a European Union project to work with the software product to monitor the implementation of the projects included in the National Strategy for Integrated Infrastructure Development in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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