Waste sector

The sustainable management of the ever-increasing amount of waste is one of the most significant challenges facing the modern society.

The causes of environmental pollution can be of a different nature, which gives a characteristic feature of the environmental problem and requires a number of legal measures to combat it.

Waste generated from human activity, production and trade requires immediate action to reduce its total quantity, increase its reuse, recycling and utilization.

As the technological processes for waste treatment progress, the possibilities for itsuse as an alternative energy source and a reduction in the amount intended for landfill are increasingly improved.

Waste management aims to prevent or limit the harmful effects on human health and the environment and is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Management Act and regulations.

The legislation applies the following priority order (hierarchy) to waste management:

  1. prevention of waste formation;
  2. preparation for re-use;
  3. recycling;
  4. other recovery, e.g. recovery for energy generation;
  5. disposal.

The drive to reduce the amount of landfilled waste leads to an increase in the number of start-ups in the sector, each of which offers maximum recovery and recycling of waste to its customers and a decrease in the tonnage sent to landfills.

Waste companies operate in an ever-changing and highly regulated environment.

We at Eko Abonament EOOD can help you understand and comply with the legislation, through legal and technical advice, guidelines and instruction, and by preparing all the necessary documentation.

There are indeed many types of environmental permits and registrations covering all types of regulated activities. And the many different criteria and requirements in each of them make obtaining the relevant solution a complex process.

We are already aware of the type of authorisation your activity will come under and have experience with all the steps that need to be taken to obtain the necessary permit. Our practical experience allows us to simplify the permitting process by providing the regulator with all the necessary information with duly made applications, providing it from the first time.

The comprehensive set of waste management services provided, from planning to monitoring and project management, helps our customers deliver and operate basic waste management facilities, which brings profits and brings long-term benefits to the community and the environment.

We are committed to providing you (our customers) with services that are fully tailored to your situation.

Our services include:

  1. Classification of waste generated, including basic characterisation of waste
  2. Guidelines and recommendations for the construction of new sites for waste activities, as well as in expanding the activities of already built sites
  3. Planning of new waste facilities, assessment of deployment options and studies, impact assessment and approvals
  4. Preparation of the necessary documentation for authorisation or registration
  5. In addition, we provide operational support for keeping the required reporting, as well as preparing annual reports.

We can be useful to you in any situation and with any competent institution in the field of ecology.

We perform a variety of types of services, but there is no way to describe each one of them. Therefore, introduce us to your interests, and we will help you to realize them quickly. And if you are satisfied with our cooperation, we will support you in any of their extension or modification, as well as in your operational activities.

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