Your business or personal project must meet the environmental requirements under the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria in order to be successful and profitable.

We help you successfully realize your ideas.

You can trust our team, who in full confidence will help you realize your plans, develop them and control the processesе.


Whether you:

  • Generate waste
  • Trade in waste
  • Recycle waste
  • Prepare waste for reuse
  • Collect waste
  • Transport waste
  • Import / establish or export / dispatch waste
  • Build a construction, farm, plant, well, etc., which require environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  • Start a new project and you need legal or environmental advice.


We can be useful to you in any situation and with any instance.

Because you probably know that if you do not meet the requirements, your activity will be blocked, and the fines and penalties are high.
From 1400 BGN up to 50 000 BGN for first infringement and up to 200 000 BGN in case of repeated infringements.

We help you with all the procedure and documentation on your business or personal project – from the start to the end.

We help you achieve your goals and solve your problemsthrough consultations, legal and environmental analyses, documentary justification and accountability, including by means of a subscription service.

We can help you start a business in the field of waste management, implement a specific project, mediate you in finding contractors and concluding contracts with them, develop specific documents or actively participate in identifying and solving a particular problem.

Our team consists of ecologists and lawyers with a focus in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

During our joint work, we fulfil our commitment correctly, in close cooperation with your management and employees directly related to it, and contact external counterparties or partners if necessary.
We follow the customer’s requirements and take into account the results achieved in a timely manner.

We are convinced that the successful execution of each task is a step towards achieving the desired result and leads to sustainable development and creativity in a rapidly changing business environment.

We provide advisory services on all issues related to environmental protection and waste management. And we assist in the preparation of all necessary documentation, according to the regulatory requirements.

We audit and prepare detailed reports on the activities carried out related to compliance with environmental legislation.

We provide advisory services for the transport of dangerous goods by road, as required by the ADR classes 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 8 and 9.

Advisory services on regulatory requirements in the field of waste management and environmental protection and for identified infringements in this field.



 I. Preparation and submission of applications complete with the full set of supporting documentation to obtain:

  1. 1. Registration and issuance of a registration document for carrying out activities on collection and transport of waste
  2. Registration and issuance of a registration document for carrying out waste treatment activities
  3. Authorisation to carry out waste treatment activities
  4. Registration as a trader or waste broker
  5. Amendment, addition or termination of the above mentioned documents

II. Preparation of applications, reports, notifications and documents:

  1. Application for entry in the public register of producers of waste that have ceased to be waste
  2. Report of basic characterisation of waste intended for disposal by landfill
  3. Documents for a prior written notification and consent procedure under Regulation 1013/2006 on carriage of waste
  4. Worksheets for classification of waste and presentation for validation in RIEW
  5. Notification of termination of a validated worksheet for a specific waste code
  6. The documentation necessary for the determination of a substance or article as a by-product
  7. Waste Management Program of the Organization for the Management of Widespread Waste such as Waste Oils, Waste Batteries and Accumulators, End-of-Life Tires, etc.

III. Reporting – reporting books, identification documents, annual reports, statements, etc.:

  1. Preparation and presentation for certification in RIEW (regional environmental and water inspection) of waste activity reports 
  1. Keeping books on waste activities
  1. Preparation of an identification document for the transport of hazardous waste
  1. Preparation of annual waste reports
  1. 5. Preparation of waste reports to the Executive Environment Agency and the Ministry of Environment and Water



 I. Preparation and submission of applications for: 

  1. issuing permits for water abstraction and use of surface bodies of water
  1. authorisation for water abstraction and use of surface body of water
  1. amendment, extension or re-issuance of a permit for water abstraction from surface waters and / or use of a surface body of water
  1. issuing permits for water abstraction and use of groundwater
  1. issuing permit for groundwater abstraction
  1. amendment, extension or re-issuance of a permit for groundwater abstraction and / or use of an underground body of water
  1. issuing permits for the use of surface body of water for discharge of waste water


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  1.  Consultations on your new investment intents
  1. Consultations on changes to your existing activity
  1. Preparation of notification of an investment proposal and accompanying information
  1. Preparation of a request to assess the need to carry out an environmental impact assessment and accompanying information



  1. Preparation and provision of information for entry in the public register of operators carrying out activities under Annex 1 to Art. 3, item 1.1 of the Environmental Damage Prevention and Remediation Act
  1. Preparation of annual reports under Art. 33 of Ordinance No. 1 of 2017 on the procedure for training and issuing documents of competence of persons carrying out activities with equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases and for documenting and reporting emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases.
  1. Preparation of assessments of possible cases of imminent threat of environmental damage and cases of environmental damage.
  1. Preparation of data for registration of Operators carrying out activities under Annex 1 to Art. 3, item 1 of the Law on the responsibility for prevention and elimination of ecological damages.



As of 14 January 2004, all chemical plants and transport companies engaged in the transport of dangerous goods must have a qualified safety consultant appointed for the transport of dangerous goods.

This requirement covers road, rail and inland waterway transport.

The safety consultant must perform a wide range of functions, such as the advice and prescribing of a number of security, health and environmental measures in relation to the transport of dangerous goods, as well as the preparation of a number of reports and statements.

Our company can offer you a qualified consultant for the transport of dangerous goods by road, in accordance with the requirements of the ADR.


Our services related to the transport of dangerous ADR goods include:

  1. Training of your employees – freight forwarders, logistics departments, warehouse workers and other employees, which are related to the preparation and process of transport of dangerous goods
  1. Preparation of an annual ADR report and its preservation according to the requirements for a period of 5 years
  1. Preparation of check lists by the driver of the vehicle before departure with ADR cargo
  1. Instructions to reception officers, transport organisation and transport itself
  1. We monitor the validity of ADR certificates of your vehicles and drivers
  1. We advise the transport companies of ADR cargo whether the vehicle needs to be with orange or other plates, whether it is necessary to comply with tunnel restrictions, whether the driver of the vehicle must have an ADR certificate, whether the vehicle must have a certificate, and what equipment and documents it is necessary to have on board of the vehicle
  1. We advise you when purchasing means of transport for the transport of dangerous goods and in determining the specifications that meet the regulatory requirements
  1. We monitor the new requirements for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the regulations and promptly notify the manufacturer or the carrier accordingly
  1. We give instructions for proper packaging, labelling and marking of packaging
  1. We check or prepare documents for the transport of dangerous goods by road, air, sea or multimodal transport
  1. We prepare appropriate measures, advice and guidelines for the prevention of incidents and violations of regulations and laws
  1. We closely monitor and perform all other duties described for ADR Consultant in Chapter of the ADR.



  1. Consultations on the applicable legal framework on your problem or case
  1. We draw objections to Administrative Infringement Acts
  1. We prepare complaints against criminal rulings
  1. We prepare complaints against administrative acts
  1. We advise on applicable procedures for the realization of your investment intents
  1. We interpret informally regulations on specific cases
  1. We provide information on amendments and additions to the regulatory framework relevant to your activity



We also offer subscription service and ensuring compliance of the activities carried out on your site with the requirements of the legislation, ongoing record keeping, reporting and correspondence and presence in inspections by the control body – Ministry of Environment and Water, RIEW (regional environmental and water inspections) and BD (basin directorates), municipalities, etc.

Our services guarantee you that you will meet the regulatory requirements and save you time and money that you would lose in the event of a fine or penalty or suspension of your activity.

The prices of our services are determined by the nature of the specific task and the time needed for its implementation. Prices do not cover any additional costs incurred. They are oriented towards achieving the ultimate goal or result. Discounts are available when you order more services.

The prices of our consulting services are not high, and you will be pleased with our work together.

For more information or assistance on a specific case, contact us now:

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