How can you benefit from our subscription service?

In the case of subscription service, we are not limited to answering a question in a particular case, but we analyze with you the necessary periodic services required for your business, monitor and participate in the processes of operation and monitor their lawful conduct.

We offer ongoing service that helps you identify risks and have full documentary assurance, as well as specific services related to the subject matter of your company.

What we offer in the subscription service:

  1. We engage and ensure compliance of the activities carried out on your site with the requirements of the legislation
  2. We keep all ongoing documentation, reporting and correspondence
  3. We participate in negotiations and perform actions before state and municipal institutions and before third parties on your behalf
  4. We are present during inspections by the control bodies, such as the Ministry of Environment and Water, Regional Environmental and Water Inspections, Basin Directorates, Municipalities
  5. And everything else you need to do your company’s business seamlessly

With the subscription contract, you receive monthly service on all issues you select related to your current activity.

Thelong-term relationships developed with you through the subscription service will allow and guarantee a much better understanding and service of your daily needs.

The subscription service covers: 

  1. Preliminary analysis and monitoring of your activity and the environment in which your business operates in order to identify weak links and prepare proposals and measures for their remedy
  1. Once we identify and evaluate the risks, we align them with you. And with your approval, we take action on their management by technical, legal and documentary means
  1. We keep the ongoing documentation and reporting related to waste management activities
  1. We prepare documents for registration of a company or in case of change of circumstances regarding your company, such as legal form, bundling, merger, separation and division, registration of branches, change of capital, etc.
  1. We assist in the conclusion of transactions and agreements, such as drafting opinions, negotiating, preparing contracts, etc.
  1. We represent you before the state and municipal institutions and before third parties after proper authorization
  1. If necessary, we also use an external expert resource to achieve the best result, which does not affect the value of the subscription fee. An exception to this rule is more complex cases where there is a need for legal representation or specialists entered in certain expert registers. In these cases, we recommend, and you take a decision. We can recommend auditors, accountants, financial and tax consultants with extensive practice and numerous successfully completed cases.
  1. We take over and perform functions (outsource) at your request

We offer two types of subscription contracts:

Standard subscription:

It includes package service after signing a subscription service contract.

In this contract, for a pre-agreed monthly remuneration, we assume responsibility and perform all necessary activities on the package service you choose.

Remote subscription:

It includes a package of consultations and documents provided by e-mail or telephone.

At your request, the distance subscription contract can also be concluded online.

Prices start from 50 BGN and are determined by the number and type of services you choose to include in the package.

For more information or assistance on a specific case, contact us now:

Phone: +359 879 222 849


Address: 1592 Sofia, Iskar district, 2 Obikolno Str., office No. 2.

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