What are the most sought after services in the field of ecology?

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Environmental consulting services are a way to modernize our production and take care of the environment, respecting not only legal regulations, but also our civic conscience. Until now, most companies in Bulgaria managed as best they could, and things were quite one-sided – environmental regulations for business were expressed in paying a regular garbage fee.

Many of the most common environmental services were incomprehensible to consumers, but now everyone is beginning to understand the big picture. Through quality eco consulting we can optimize the costs of our company and adapt its activities to the legal requirements for nature protection.

What are the most sought after services in the field of ecology?

Ecology is a complex of several interacting scientific fields, which of which is more complex. The main players in it are the government, business and civil society, each with specific duties and responsibilities. In the age of data, however, in terms of nature, as well as on many other topics, we are witnessing huge amounts of various information, which can sometimes contradict each other.

Is there global warming or not? Is it caused by negative human impact, or is it some kind of natural process? What materials should we try to limit?Often we need professional advice to prepare our strategy for action.

What are the most sought after services in the field of ecology?



What are the main types of consulting services and which are the most frequently sought after by corporate clients in the field?

– Preparation of an environmental impact assessment report

Every large investment project needs a decision on the need for an EIA report (the so-called EIA report). The decision shall be issued by the competent regulatory authority. In our country this is the Ministry of Environment, as well as its regional branches. If an environmental assessment report needs to be prepared, it must be drawn up by an independent panel of experts, who shall sign a declaration that the statements made in the report are true.

– Water protection

Water, as we all know, makes up a large part of our body and the nature around us. The aquatic world needs protection as well as our own health. Unfortunately, however, in a large part of the manufacturing sector, the mining industry and in the treatment of waste, water bodies and groundwater may be polluted. Many of the chemicals and objects that get there are harmful to underwater inhabitants, but they can also poison humans.

What are the most sought after services in the field of ecology?

-Waste Management

Waste is part of the activities of virtually every company. In order to be responsible for nature, we must handle it properly and also control its volume. Most often in times of crisis for the economy, many entrepreneurs look in this direction as a way to analyze the efficiency and sustainability of their business. This is often how we can find out what could be saved and what optimizations could be introduced in our business through waste management.

What are the most sought after services in the field of ecology?

Transportation of hazardous waste

For the transportation of hazardous waste permits with a special category are required, while for non-hazardous things the situation is different. If you need help to categorize your business’s waste, we can advise you on this.

One type of hazardous waste is obsolete electronics. This is a problem for many offices that work with computers, printers and other office equipment.

Once obsolete, these appliances cannot end up in the landfill along with the general rubbish. Find out how you can get rid of them with the help of a consulting agency.

– Crisis management of the environment

In various environmental catastrophes and disasters, specialists have to guide the authorities and citizens in order to prevent harmful consequences for both the environment and public health.

– Consultations in the field of environmental law

To appeal sanctions and decisions on EIA, to bring your business in line with regulatory environmental requirements, as well as to prepare an EIA, etc., you need professional environmental law consultants.

– Environmental insurance

In accordance with the relevant legislation certain environmental risks and damages are subject to insurance. If you have potentially hazardous production, then you must apply policies and practices to regulate the risk arising from it. Consultants will help you understand whether you should insure your business.

– Management of the overall environmental footprint

Nowadays there is almost no modern business that does not harm nature in one way or another through its daily economic and commercial activities. At least the transport needed to one degree or another by absolutely all enterprises, in its large part has not yet been cleared of harmful emissions.

Although here the world is moving very fast towards technological progress, which will provide us with less polluting methods of transportation, such as electric cars, in Bulgaria in the next 20 years we are expected to barely catch up with Europe and the rest from the world.

What are the most sought after services in the field of ecology?

In such a chaos of outdated and reformed regulations, we need to know exactly what is required of us by law, and also to be aware of the recommended good practices that have not yet entered our country from abroad.

Environmental management is a complex set of goals, policies, strategies and their implementation It includes noise pollution, as well as managing the resources needed to carry out our daily business operations. Recycling as a subcategory of environmental resource management is also important.

In addition, environmental management is a long-term process that cannot be completed in a single month. To make sure that our business really successfully limits its negative impact on the environment, we must constantly maintain a level of competence.

This is especially true if we have decided to obtain a certificate for environmental standard ISO 14001 or another. In this case, we are obliged to maintain the appropriate level and to meet the specific requirements set by the certification body.

Consultations on environmental issues can help us modernize our business, keeping pace with regulations in the field not only in our country but also at EU level. At the same time, we have the opportunity to save money, which we may lose due to improper or inefficient management of the resources we have. Knowledge of the legal framework in the field can prevent sanctions and other troubles for our company.

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