How to build a new site for waste activities?

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The garbage that people generate every day is growing. For this reason, recycling waste is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Huge amounts of unnecessary items and substances are collected, transported, stored, processed and destroyed.

How to build a new object for waste activities?

In Bulgaria all these activities are regulated by Waste Management Act . Its main purpose is to ensure the safety of the population and the environment.

The waste itself can be grouped by different criteria and characteristics, but their most common division is into household, construction, industrial, hazardous and radioactive.

Due to the need to protect nature from pollution and maximum limitation from harmful impacts, recycling is an environmental process of paramount importance. This predetermines the disclosure of activities that are directly related to waste management.

Investment intentions in this area are also regulated by the current regulations, which in turn implies excellent knowledge of the law and compliance with procedural rules by investors.

How to build a new object for waste activities?

The construction of a new site for waste activities is preceded by certain requirements related to obtaining permits, obtaining the necessary documentation, assessment, etc.

In most cases, the regulations meet established standards in the sector. The Ministry of Environment and Water is an administratively engaged and control body in the specific field, respectively through the Regional environmental and local water inspections.


Environmental and water assessment /EIA/  is one of the main documents related to waste management processes. It has a crucial role based on the forecast analysis concerning the impact on people and the natural environment , t .е. whether the activities will be safe for them. Assessment is required when a particular site is to be built and used.

The forecast is directly related to a specific place, implementation of the planned functions, capacity and other essential characteristics. It is important to note that EIA is required before starting the implementation of the process itself.

The very concept of “investment proposal appears in the Environmental Act. It plays a key role in the actual Environmental Impact Assessment.

You also need permits that apply to the activity itself. For example, this is required when working with hazardous waste or transporting garbage, processing individual items and substances for reuse in production cycle , the possible destruction of unnecessary waste by burning in special furnaces, remelting or realizing other possibilities.

How to build a new site for activities with waste?

The documentation required in most cases is the responsibility of experts involved in waste management. They are acquainted in detail with the regulations, the changes that have occurred over the years in some of them, with the list of required papers, etc.

There are also a number of companies in this industry that are professionally engaged in consulting or those that directly carry out activities for disposal of different types of garbage.

Waste Management Companies

The greater the need for responsible and lawful waste management, the greater the need for experts familiar with the safe treatment of discarded waste, items, substances.

Companies in the sector have teams of trained professionals to work in a wide range of activities . The companies themselves start their activity after they have explicitly met a number of requirements in order to acquire this right.

Professionals in the industry prepare and prepare the necessary documentation for their partners . In parallel, they can engage in environmental campaigns, transportation, garbage storage, sorting and processing. This is possible if they procure the necessary equipment, bases, qualified personnel, facilities, etc.

Consulting firms on the one hand work with individual clients, but also and with other companies that need a partnership according to their specific tasks. Because often the business is faced with the problem how to organize the disposal of separated and unnecessary products from the production activity.

Most often then companies are hired who can support the process, as they have the necessary staff, a set of documentation, the opportunity to provide logistical assistance and specialized transportation.

The other main area of ​​mutual assistance is the implementation of licensed transport, rent for the transportation of waste within its own country or outside the country. Sometimes it is necessary to transport the garbage abroad, because in the specific place it turns out that there are high-tech machines.

Their function is to recycle waste without allowing pollution of the environment , danger to the local population, harmful effects on air, water, soil, and affecting flora and fauna.

Last but not least in our country there are regional depots, bases and warehouses , to some of which it is possible for everyone to hand over unnecessary non-ferrous or ferrous metals, household waste, dangerous products.

The sites in question were also discovered after an analysis of their impact on the environment and according to their ability to sort and process the collected quantities. Some of these landfills are a valuable source of raw materials for industry, being used to produce new products.

A number of the functioning specialized companies in our country have huge experience in the industry, which makes them preferred in their selection for assistance, consulting, paperwork and other activities.

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