How do you provide consultant services in the field of ecology?

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Historically, in the past, the human race has unfortunately done enormous damage to the nature around us. This has been done mostly through negligence, but also from a sheer lack of awareness about the harm of waste in general and hazardous waste in particular.

All this has contributed to the state of affairs as we know them today. In order to prevent such catastrophes in the future, the modern world strives to pursue a more far-sighted policy, and for this purpose various ideas, initiatives and activities are born, seeking to limit the negative impact of human activity.

It is for this reason that environmental management is emerging – a modern science, a subdivision of company management, which deals with procedures and activities aimed at reducing the so-called environmental footprint of a company. It means minimizing the harmful effects that our business in one way or another affects the environment.

How do you provide consultant services in the field of ecology?

Who needs such a service?

Virtually anyone can benefit greatly from learning what happens to the junk that remains after the day-to-day operations of a business.

The resources of our planet are so valuable because they are exhaustible and can easily be compromised after possible poisoning of the environment or depletion of a difficult to renew stock This is the reason for the emergence of certain regulations in this direction – to humanity to count on the nature of our planet to be protected at all costs.

As the matter is particularly complex, compliance with these norms and the introduction of the enterprise in accordance with them requires professional attitude and care. In this respect, businesses in sectors such as transport, energy, various factories handling hazardous materials and / or producing harmful carbon emissions are particularly closely monitored by the authorities.

How do you provide consultant services in the field of ecology?

The big polluters

It should be borne in mind, for example, that some industrial productions are much more harmful than others. One of the most polluting is, for example, the steel production process.

According to official statistics from the World Steel Association, each tonne of steel in factories produces 1.8 times more carbon dioxide. Resource taxes are related to water consumption, extraction of natural resources, as well as activities such as fishing and hunting.

The invention of the first plastic – bakelite, at the dawn of the twentieth century, was then accepted almost as a miracle, which was expected to solve so many economic problems of mankind. It turns out, however, that this is not exactly what will happen.

It was not until the late 1960s and 1970s that it was noticed that plastics degraded too slowly for us to continue to produce them at the same rate.

Still, we continue to this day, at least lately looking for a biodegradable alternative, but a cheap and appropriate enough option has not yet been invented and popularized. On top of that, much stronger and more durable bakelite blends have already been invented, some of which take hundreds of years to decompose.

All the while, households and businesses have to try to optimize the use of such polymers and avoid plastics whenever they can. And here it is much more about changing our concept of disposable supplies, revolutionizing product packaging and adapting corporate policy to promote recycling and limiting the use of non-degradable and non-recyclable consumables. The environmental consultant can give you valuable advice in this regard.


Energy and transport services

How do you provide consultant services in the field of ecology?

Sectors of industry such as energy and transport have even deeper problems in this regard. They rely heavily on burning fossil fuels to carry out their operations. This leads to the release of huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment. Pollution of the air and water of our planet indirectly poisons ourselves and in the long run this can be disastrous.

Governments therefore impose various restrictions and financial taxes on harmful activities and penalties for non-compliance with these provisions. In Bulgaria, the Executive Environment Agency deals with the implementation of legislation in the field of greenhouse gas emissions.


Can we appeal sanctions imposed by regulators and the courts?

Depending on its respective activity, a given company in our country may fall within the texts of the Law on Environmental Protection and Water, etc. Sometimes, in connection with eco-regulations, we also have to seek legal assistance, such as in the preparation of various types of complaints against drawn up administrative acts and penal decrees. The endurance and the level of competence of our addresses largely determine how much attention will be paid to them by the relevant institutions.

In connection with eco-legislation, ambiguities also often arise, creating the need for specialized advice. Our country definitely has to make progress on the path of eco-projects. Certain companies wishing to develop in this direction need a professional hand to introduce them in accordance with and beyond the minimum standards and norms of the country and the EU.

For such environmental consultations, as well as in the preparation of a detailed strategic plan on how we can reduce the harmful impact on the nature of our business, we can help specialists who deal with environmental management.


Is there any incentive for good eco-management?

A survey based on data from the Directorate General of the European Commission Eurostat shows that almost 10% of all tax receivables in Bulgaria are related to environmental management. In fact, we are in fifth place in the EU and are close to the leader in this ranking, which is Latvia with 11.2 percent.

Analysts believe that in the future these fees will be transformed, by relying more on the individual approach, which will help to find relief precisely those businesses that make more efforts to limit their environmental footprint.

The so-called green companies, which are responsible for nature and biodiversity, have also become very popular recently. In part, of course, they do so for the sake of their image, but on the other hand, this sets an example for entire sectors of industry, which also subsequently take action in this regard.

If you want to find out how you can optimize your environmental footprint, you can contact “Eco-subscription” at the listed contacts. Our team will help you solve your environmental case!

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